Italian Inspiration

She wakes up to the sound of the bustling city below. She knows that a woman should always put her jewellery on last.  She prefers to start with it.  She has an effortless ability to pull together a classic yet captivating look. She turns. Her ring catches his smile. She steps onto her balcony overlooking the Piazza. Her eyes linger on the fountain and she remembers last night. She laughs and slips her feet into heels. She puts on her helmet and speeds off into the world.

She inspires our designs.


The Ring.. her story

You wouldn’t believe what it feels like to be moulded, caressed, shaped and loved by a pair of naked hands. It’s truly an experience all should have.  As I glance around at myself, I notice that I am turning into some kind of ring.  

I am round and smooth and I can see subtle shapes being created on my outer layer. I imagine that I will be holding on to some special crystals. Oh I do hope so. I love shine, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.  And the extra layer they put on me to make me stand out above the crowd feels great.  It’s called Rhodium, not the sexiest word but the results are worth it.  I mean Look At Me! 

Luckily a goldsmith with a deviated taste is turning me into beauty – she adores silver.  She has brought gold standards to my life and I will be forever grateful.  I promise the hand that wears me that I will do her proud and make her shine.

The precious stone is about to be placed into my silver casing. She’s matched me with the finest - a deep rich purple colour enhanced by flashes of rose. Perfect. I am going to be absolutely stunning!

It looks like the finishing touches are about to be done. I will be given one last massage before being put into a TI SENTO - Milano silk-lined box where I will await my new lover.