Autumn Winter '22

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Autumn Winter '22 Inspiration

Explore the 5 themes that tie the whole collection together. A world of Art Deco inspiration that embraces hidden vintage treasures with a twist, contrasting bold and classic designs, flawless pearls and luxury statement pieces.

Enjoy the journey through our Autumn Winter 2022 collection!

Art Deco

With an emphasis on shape and dimension, the focus of our collection surrounds everything you find in the Art Deco movement. This season’s jewellery has a sense of drama.

Vintage with a twist

Nothing beats a good old classic – never change a winning team. These items are very cool, Art Deco-inspired and meant to fit a timeless style.

Bold versus Classic

This season’s shapes are mixed with our iconic pieces. Don’t be fooled; mixing them with some of the seemingly classic items will suddenly transform the iconic pieces into true showstoppers.

Flawless Pearls

It is cool to mix and match them with a tennis necklace or more chunky, coloured chains. Unexpected combinations are our favourite. Wear our pearls in a classic way or with a fashionable and modern touch; it’s up to you.

Luxury Structures

Don't let others dictate how to combine and stack your jewellery. It may match your style in order to be out and about at work and tone your look down a notch at night. You are the creator of your own rules.