Bracelet sizes

What's my size?

Measure your wrist size

What do you need?
• A piece of twine or a slip of paper (not too wide)
• A ruler or measuring tape

• Wrap the piece of twine or slip of paper not too tight and not too loose around your wrist (just above the wrist bone, seen from the fingers.)
• Draw a line on the piece of twine or slip of paper at the place where both ends meet.
• Measure with a ruler or measuring tape the length up until the line.
• Use your wrist size below to see our advice for a bracelet size. 

Wrist size & advice

Our advice for your wrist

Wrist Size Advice bracelet size
Below 14.0cm  S will fit loose
14.0cm - 15.4cm S
15.5cm S will fit tighter, M will fit looser
15.6cm - 17.4cm M
17.5cm M will fit tighter, L will fit looser
17.6cm - 19.5cm L
Above 19.5cm L will fit tight


 Everyone has a personal preference for how tight or loose a bracelet should fit your wrist. The combination of wrist size and bracelet size above should therefore be taken as an advice.

Ring sizes

TI SENTO rings are available in 8 different sizes. The sizing starts at size 48 and goes up to size 62. If you are not sure which size is right for you, use the following guide. 

You can use different approaches to determine your size. Take a ring that you are currently wearing, place this on a ruler and measure its inside diameter in millimeters. If you do not have a ring, use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your finger in millimeters. You can also use our printable ring sizer (download our sizing guide).

The inside diameter is given in the sizing table as EU and you can also see the perimeter in millimeter. The size on the top on the chart is how we classify our ring sizes.

Use the button to download the printable version of the complete sizing table.

Necklace sizes

All sizes of the TI SENTO necklaces are featured behind the reference number. The sizes are in centimeters.

This image shows how the different lengths fall.

Use the button to download the printable version of the complete sizing table.