TI SENTO collects information about you and/or personal data (referred to below as “Personal Data”) via its website(s), application(s), special offers, savings programmes, and other services. TI SENTO is committed to the protection of your Personal Data.

It is important to TI SENTO that our services are transparent, personal, and reliable. Thus, it is important to us that you know exactly what Personal Data TI SENTO collects and the purposes for which we use this Personal Data. This Privacy Statement (referred to below as “Privacy Statement”) illustrates how we will process all personal data that TI SENTO collects from you or is provided to us. In this TI SENTO Privacy Statement we share our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. Personal Data is collected, used, and deleted with all due care and in accordance with the applicable legislation. Therefore, the processing of Personal Data is – in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act – reported to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority in The Hague, the Netherlands.

This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time if so prompted by new developments. The most recent Privacy Statement can always be found at https://us.tisento-milano.com.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement, you can address them to:
TI SENTO - Milano B.V.
Customer Care
Lemelerbergweg 42
1101 AM Amsterdam
or via wecare@tisento-milano.com

Who is TI SENTO?

In the legal sense, TI SENTO - Milano B.V. is the data controller for the processing of all Personal Data that is obtained via its website(s), special offers, savings programmes, and other services.

TI SENTO refers to:
TI SENTO – Milano B.V.
Lemelerbergweg 42
1101 AM Amsterdam

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce registration number: 69047715

For what purposes does TI SENTO collect and process Personal Data?

1. Processing orders of products and services from the webshops and creating and editing a TI SENTO account.

TI SENTO stores Personal Data during visits to the TI SENTO websites and other services, when products are returned, and when creating and editing a TI SENTO account.

If you are under the age of 16 and want to order products or services, you need permission from your parents or legal guardian.

Personal Data collected from product orders and services on the webshops will be processed following the agreement. Creating and maintaining your TI SENTO account is based on consent which can be withdrawn at any time.

2. Sending current offers, news, and special offers via mail and e-mail.

If you have given your consent, your e-mail address will be used to send you newsletters with current offers, specific special offers, and information about - for example - (new) products and services.
TI SENTO may also send you offers, specific unique offers, and information about (new) products and services by regular post. You may unsubscribe to this service via TI SENTO customer service (see the top of this Privacy Statement) or use the unsubscribe option included in the e-mails you receive.

3. Analysing for process improvement, product and services development, and market research.

TI SENTO strives to ensure that it provides websites and services of the highest quality as well as tailoring its product range as closely as possible to the wishes and needs of our customers and visitors. For process improvement and product and services development TI SENTO is required to perform statistical research so that TI SENTO can execute optimisations. TI SENTO may use customer information for this statistical research. The research results will only be reported as aggregate data, that is to say that the results will be reported in a form that makes it impossible to trace the identity of individual customers.

For market research purposes, we analyse your behaviour on our campaigns and website(s) that helps us to better configure and improve our websites and promotions based on your personal preferences. We may use automated data processing to analyse some of your personal aspects, with the purpose of - amongst others - predict personal preferences, interests, and behaviour. To be able to do this we make use of, amongst others, cookie data and account data (and, with your consent, data from third parties).

Examples of types of data we use in this context:

• Last purchased items
• Viewed pages on our websites
• Orders of items on our product overview pages
• Birthday discounts
• Advertisements of items that you viewed

We analyse the effectiveness of our campaigns based on your behaviour. Therefore, we look at your (re)action. The Personal Data processing for this purpose is required to pursue legitimate interests to provide you the best possible service and customer experience.

4. To support online marketing communication and campaigns

TI SENTO is pleased to communicate with customers and website visitors about its organisation, products, and services via the web, email and (our own) social media channels. Our goal is to offer useful and relevant information and/or answer questions. For that purpose, TI SENTO actively follows the Internet and social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and blogs. TI SENTO follows and participates in discussions on these channels and answers relevant individual questions. TI SENTO expressly reserves the right to refrain from responding to every question or comment. No rights whatsoever may be derived from any of our responses, substantive or otherwise.

TI SENTO also uses social media access permitted by visitors or customers, such as Facebook. As a result, TI SENTO has access to (part of) your data on social media. In order to show you more personalised ads when visiting social media platforms (such as Facebook), search engines (such as Google), or other websites, we may use your email address or other identifying data to match this with data from those social media or search engines. This is always done in a hashed form. In case you do not agree to this form of advertising you can unsubscribe by sending a request to wecare@tisento-milano.com.

If you communicate with us via our social media pages (for example, when you post a comment, follow us, or click on the “Like” button), we may be able to see Personal Data about you. This Privacy Statement thus applies to the Personal Data that TI SENTO processes. If you choose to share the TI SENTO websites or other TI SENTO services (including online services) via social media, your Personal Data (such as your name and the fact that you are interested in our products and services) may also be visible to all visitors of your personal social media pages. The conditions and privacy policy of the relevant social media websites apply to the use of those websites.

5. Handling complaints and responding to requests for information.

If you contact TI SENTO Customer Service because you have questions or complaints about TI SENTO's services, we will save your contact information and your question or complaint. TI SENTO may ask you to provide Personal Data if we consider it necessary to answering your question or handling your complaint. The Personal Data provided will be used to answer the question or handle the complaint.

The Personal Data that may be processed for this purpose, is processed because you have ordered products or used services or are planning on doing this. Therefore, the Personal Data processing is required to pursue legitimate interests to provide you the best possible service and customer experience.

6. Prevent, detect, and dispute fraud

In order to prevent, detect and dispute fraud we may collect Personal Data that is related to possible fraudulent actions. The Personal Data processing for this purpose is required to pursue legitimate interests of preventing, detecting, and disputing fraud.

Which third parties have access to your data?

TI SENTO engages third parties during the performance of its services. Personal Data will only be made available to third parties if this is necessary for the third party’s performance of the relevant work.

These may be third parties that TI SENTO engages with for the performance of marketing activities (such as printers, or e-mail and post handlers), for products and services where TI SENTO acts as an intermediary, for IT services (IT service providers) and for its customer service.

To the extent that such third parties process Personal Data in the performance of relevant services, the personal data is processed by such third parties as Data Processors for TI SENTO. TI SENTO has taken the required technical and organisational measures (amongst others a data processing agreement) to ensure that your data is processed exclusively for the purposes described above.

Only if TI SENTO is obliged by law to do so will it provide Personal Data to regulatory authorities, tax authorities, and investigative agencies. Thus, Personal Data is also forwarded to recipients in countries outside the European Economic Area. In these cases, TI SENTO takes all measures reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is protected as well as possible. In case you want to know what measures we take to keep your data protected, you may contact TI SENTO's customer service.

Personal Data Security

Effective Personal Data security is a top priority for TI SENTO. TI SENTO has therefore taken adequate technical and organisational measures to secure your Personal Data against loss or any form of unlawful processing.

Below are examples of our security measures:

  • We make sure that you can make use of a secured (SSL) connection during your order process and sending data via contact forms.
  • We make sure that your account is secured and that no one else can sign in to get to your data. For example, your password will be encrypted and stored safely.
  • We keep updating the technologies and softwares that we use to the most recent versions.
  • We make use of systems that communicate with each other. We make sure that sending and receiving the data between systems happens safely and in a controlled manner.
  • We protect our systems against malware, viruses, cryptoware, and hacking softwares.
  • Only TI SENTO employees who need access to your data to be able to execute their work, can access your data.
  • Third parties who need access to your data are required to have strict technical and organisational security measures and their employees are required to keep data confidential.

How long will your Personal Data be stored for?

Your Personal Data will be stored for as long as required following the purpose they were obtained for and in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Your Personal Data will be deleted or anonymised after its use.

TI SENTO and third-party websites

You will find links to other websites on the TI SENTO websites. TI SENTO is not responsible for these parties’ handling of Personal Data. For more information, you can read the privacy statements of those specific third-party websites.

Cookies and similar technologies we use

TI SENTO makes use of functional, analytical, and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you first visit our websites. TI SENTO makes use of cookies with a purely technological function. These make sure that the website functions and that, for example, your preferences will be saved. Besides these functional cookies we place cookies that track your browsing behaviour in order to provide you with personalised content and advertisements. On your first visit we informed you about these cookies and asked for your consent to place these types of cookies. You can withdraw your consent by deleting cookies and by configuring your internet browser settings.

You can learn more about how we make use of cookies, how to change your preferences, and how to delete cookies in our cookies statement.

View, change, or erase data

You have the right to view, rectify, or erase your Personal Data. Furthermore, you have the right to withdraw your consent for processing Personal Data at TI SENTO. In addition, you may send a request for data transferring for the data we use with your consent, or in order to limit the processing of your Personal Data by us.

You can send a request to care@tisento-milano.com. for: inspection, correction, erasure, data transferring of your Personal Data; requesting the withdrawal of your consent; objecting to the processing of your Personal Data.

In order to ensure that a request is initiated by you, we kindly ask you to identify yourself. Then, we will respond as soon as possible, and no later than four weeks after receiving your request.