It’s the season of love. Are you ready to celebrate it?

Here are some wedding guest jewellery ideas and styling inspiration for glamorous wedding guest looks.

What kind of wedding are you attending? Match your jewellery with the dresscode of the wedding to blend in perfectly!

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Are you invited to a classic wedding?

Classic jewellery is timeless, and that’s exactly what makes it perfect for a wedding.

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Our selection of rediscovered classic jewellery for a wedding guest includes gold-plated and shimmering cubic zirconia pieces, minimalist and refined basics that look even better when mingled together.

Dive into the finesse of our timeless classics.

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The classic wedding


Are you attending a vintage themed wedding and do you need some vintage jewellery inspiration?

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The essentials of the vintage look: pearls and closed-forever jewels. Follow Jackie Kennedy’s advice: “Pearls are always appropriate”.

Their lustre and sophistication really make them perfect for any occasion, even more so for celebrating love.

Combine them with our silver or gold-plated closed-forever jewellery, a symbol of infiniteness and togetherness, a good omen for a special wedding day.

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The vintage wedding


Do you need to insert a pop of colour to your wedding guest look following the wedding dresscode?

Bring some colour to the love celebration. Combine our colourful jewellery with gold and silver, to keep your look elegant, yet fun.

You don’t want to steel the show, remember?

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The colourful wedding

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