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Black Friday [products]

Black Friday Jewellery

TI SENTO – Milano has another beautiful jewellery collection for Black Friday 2022. Don’t miss out and shop rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ear charms and pendants at a discount.


Black Friday Rings

Choose a wide variety of rings from the Black Friday collection 2022, with rhodium plated 925 silver rings and gold plated 925 silver rings. What about a minimalistic or a statement ring? A ring with or without a stone? Rings are perfect to combine, so pick a beautiful one to extend your own ring collection!
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Black Friday Bracelets

Decorate your wrists with one or several bracelets. The Black Friday collection contains several different styles, minimalistic or statement, chain bracelets, bead bracelets, and more. Feel the freedom to wear different styles at the same time.
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Black Friday Necklaces

Necklaces come in various styles. Do you choose a statement or classic necklace, a bead or chain necklace, made with 925 silver or gold plated 925 silver? You can fin dit all in our Black Friday 2022 collection. And what about a necklace with a beautiful pendant? Or mixing and matching: wear several styles at the same type, combined with each other.
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Black Friday Earrings and Ear Charms

Create a party in your ears and mix and match your own combination of earrings and ear charms. Pick your favourite items from our Black Friday collection to extend your own earring and ear charm collection in a beautiful way. Studs, hoops or charms. The bigger your own collection is, how more unique combinations you can wear, every day again!
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