Every purchase a special gift from us

Our attention to detail doens't stop at our jewelry. We take pride in our packing.


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She turns around and heads to the beach.


Monday morning on her way to work.  She feels like champagne and oysters today. Stunning white pearls and the turquoise of the sea fill her daydreams. She turns around and heads to the beach.

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Brand New Days

Waking up to a ray of sunshine peeking through the curtains, dew drops shimmering on the daisies’ petals. She slips out for quick a run.  She steps into an ice cold shower. A brand new day awaits.

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It's all about those pearls

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Gift cards

We have the ultimate tip for your last-minute gift shopping. A gift-card for her to our Atelier full of treasures. Let her be the one to choose her perfect gift.

It will arrive directly into your mailbox and what was too late is now on-time.

Explore the gift card

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